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1455084_10202412553294604_400765145_nFrom anywhere in the world: Based upon elemental theory I will conduct a thorough intake evaluation to assess your individual constitution, lifestyle habits, and diet to create a balancing program to meet your specific needs.  Your individualized protocol will include dietary, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations to support your needs and goals, and balance your constitution.  First session begins with an intake to determine your needs, and instructions on how to implement your protocol.  The number of sessions needed vary based on individual goals and needs.


“Before I began treatment with Kim I had been suffering with chronic pelvic pain and urgency and frequency with urination for 6 months. I saw my gynecologist, a urologist and a physical therapist and no one was able to help me. I began feeling depressed and anxious because I felt like I was going to spend the rest of my life in pain. I felt like I was running out of options until I started treatment with Kim. I was already taking private yoga classes with Kim and I had mentioned to her the problems I was having and she said that she thought she could help me. Within a couple of weeks of following Kim’s diet recommendations and doing all the yoga postures she suggested along with taking the herbs she prescribed for me I started feeling better. Now, three months later I am almost back to feeling normal. I am so grateful to Kim for giving me my life back. Kim is amazing at what she does. She has definitely found her calling. I would recommend Kim to anyone for any kind of problem. Kim is very caring and compassionate and is always available to answer my questions. Thank you Kim for everything you have done for me.”


(If any of the issues are clinical, I can work with you and your doctor or therapist)

If you are local, you can purchase one or more sessions with me at my cozy home studio. Please note individual sessions expire 6 months after purchase.  To book, please call or text me at (505)504-0683

First Time Client: 90 minutes $120

Follow-Ups 60 minutes $75


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