I am mama, educator, artist, folk herbalist, nature lover, fire keeper and yoga movement therapist.  I have a BA in socio-cultural anthropology + fine arts and an MEd. in multi-cultural education.  I have been a dual-language elementary school teacher on the US-Mexico border, taught ceramics, ephemeral art and sculpture, and was a vice-principal and instructor at Laxmi International School in Gujarat, India.  Additionally I have worked with non-profits, developing and coordinating educational curriculum, programs and outreach, as well as grant writing, media and marketing.  I came to yoga around a decade ago, and fell in love with it as it began to holistically transform my life, I made the transition to teaching yoga in 2012. I am currently an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and an AyurYoga (Ayurvedic Yoga) Wellness Consultant.

I am an avid seeker and life-long student always continuing my studies in healing modalities  with various teachers. My journey into the healing arts began with yoga training in Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow ® Energetic Vinyasa.  Through this certification, I learned the healing power of movement and that a whole body experience can bring transformation by unifying the practitioner with the bliss of embodiment in yoga practice.  I learned the importance of evolution of postures in practice, allowing students to safely explore the limits of their practice, and the alchemy of sequencing.   I found that alignment becomes a powerful tool of healing when a student is awakened to the ancient yogic practice of working with the vayus, or energetic movements in the body, and that yoga practice can be a movement meditation in which you lose yourself in the flow.

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I continued my training at the world renowned Ayurvedic Institute.  In my 500 hour certification to become an AyurYoga Wellness Consultant, I was awakened to the therapeutic power of yoga and ayurveda as sister sciences.  I gained clinical skills in Ayurvedic anatomy, disease pathogenesis, subtle therapies, clinical assessment and examination as well as treatment protocols integrating yoga techniques, marma therapy (acupressure) and ayurvedic theory to offer individualized wellness consultations for complete health and vitality.

My practice has evolved into a deep interest in body biomechanics. Realizing that we are essentially suffering diseases of captivity because of lifestyle, excessive sitting, my instruction is focused more on functional movement and strength to counteract negative patterns in the body.

I also study herbalism with various teachers, and I have completed my Clinical Herbalism Certification through the University of New Mexico with Sonia Masocco.  Through the lense of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism, I continue learning the energetics and application of herbs from these traditions and how herbal healing can be brought into the western medical model, to safely support allopathic treatments.

I am passionate about healthy, conscious and compassionate vegan eating.  I am a Certified Health Coach by the Diet for Living School and I work with clients to transition to a plant based diet, or refine an existing vegan diet for better health.

I live in the high desert foothills of Albuquerque with my husband Cameron, our son, Niko, and our animals.


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