“What I need for healing is already present in my system” – Leslie Kaminoff

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up refreshed, and full of energy. Imagine feeling at home in your body, finding a balanced weight without counting calories or constantly feeling like you are at war with yourself. The truth is that this is available to you and it is your true wild nature to feel happy and free.
We are constantly looking outside ourselves to be made whole.

We find practices, ideologies, and paths that may deeply resonate, but there is often something that doesn’t feel quite right. We have experiences that create trauma physically and/or emotionally. We lose touch with our cellular intelligence, and we feel off balance and stuck. We get sick in body, mind and spirit and feel lost in the barrage of information telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. How are you to make sense of all the dietary, spiritual and lifestyle advice?

That’s where Holistic Health Coaching with me comes in. My passion is to help guide you back to your true nature, one that is happy and healthy. Having a unique background in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Raw Living + Vegan Foods, I can help you discover what makes you uniquely you so that you can heal in mind body and soul. We will start to clear out the gunk that leaves you feeling stuck. Working with me is a guided process of self-empowerment that will guide you how to eat and take care of your body. Set up an appointment today to begin your journey to healing.